binMiscellaneous unsorted tools and utilitiesJordan6 weeks
pigeonAn opinionated RFC-compliant IMAP/SMTP relayJordan4 months
asnMap networks to their corresponding Autonomous Systems via HTTP/WHOISJordan4 months
alliumTor relay metrics and statistics rendered statically from consensusJordan4 months
dotfilesPersonal configuration files for applications on unix-based systemsJordan4 months
notoExtract book highlights from Kobo readers' onboard databaseJordan4 months
crawlA simple recursive web crawler which stores content in the WARC/1.0 formatJordan4 months
keepDiscord self-bot which caches and archives URLs at the Internet ArchiveJordan4 months
rokaListen to audiobooks with podcast apps via unique RSS feedsJordan5 months
wwwMakefiles and assets for mandoc-generated sitesJordan5 months
craneResearch literature download and categorization web serviceJordan5 months
emberUniquely process Kindle ebook highlights, skipping amended sequencesJordan8 months
noisetorchPersonal fork of lawl's noisetorch, noise suppression via Mozilla's RNNoiseJordan9 months
koyaArchive git repositories from sourcehut user accounts via GraphQLJordan9 months
tentA simple static web-server for low-resource environmentsJordan9 months
pouchSave read articles to PDF from exported account dataJordan2 years
springer-dlDownload Springer books released during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemicJordan3 years
ft-bypassTransparent proxy and paywall bypass for The Financial TimesJordan3 years
invidiousJavascript-free, privacy-respecting alternative front-end to YouTubeiv-org50 min.
goThe Go programming languageGoogle17 hours
alacrittyA cross-plantform, OpenGL terminal emulatorAlacritty29 hours
syncthingUnattended cross-platform file synchronizationsyncthing36 hours
aercTerminal-based email client written in GoRobin Jarry46 hours
torTransit encryption and privacy out of the boxThe Tor Project2 days
torspecTor's protocol specification documents and proposalsThe Tor Project3 days
qutebrowserA keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5Florian Bruhin3 days
snowflakeWebRTC pluggable transport; ephemeral P2P WebRTC data channelsCecylia Bocovich3 days
i3Performant tiling window manager for X11Michael Stapelberg5 days
muslA lightweight and performant implementation of the C standard libraryRich Felker5 weeks
wireguard-goGo implementation of WireGuardzx2c42 months
cgitA hyperfast web frontend for git repositories written in CJason A. Donenfeld5 months
onionshareSecurely and anonymously send and receive filesmicahflee8 months
httpdOpenBSD httpdreyk6 years