craneResearch literature download and categorization web serviceJordan2 days
keepDiscord self-bot which archives URLs on the Wayback MachineJordan2 days
alliumStatically-generated tor relay metrics and statisticsJordan14 days
binMiscellaneous unsorted tools and utilitiesJordan3 weeks
wwwMakefiles and assets for mandoc-generated sitesJordan3 weeks
dotfilesPersonal configuration files intended for unix-based systemsJordan3 weeks
rokaListen to audiobooks with podcast appsJordan7 months
tentPython's http.server module written in GolangJordan11 months
pouchSave pocketed articles to PDF from exported account dataJordan13 months
springer-dlDownload Springer books released during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemicJordan18 months
ft-bypassTransparent proxy and paywall bypass for The Financial TimesJordan24 months