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masterimprove limited-width display supportJordan27 hours
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27 hoursimprove limited-width display supportHEADmasterJordan
2020-10-10add requirements.txt (Jinja2 >= 2.11.2), closes #8Jordan
2020-09-20improve readability of templates (as much as one can)Jordan
2020-09-18update generated-by link in footer to point to githubJordan
2020-09-17reduce length of generate.py, cleanupJordan
2020-09-17change project name to allium, closes #4Jordan
2020-09-16include per-relay family link in effective family pagesJordan
2020-09-16relay effective family link should use that relay's fingerprintJordan
2020-09-16fix status circle display in Tor Browser (use CSS instead of entity)Jordan
2020-09-16encapsulate family fingerprints and contact strings in <code> tagsJordan