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mastermisc: remove trailing slash from directory links; prevents needless redirectsJordan3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2024-01-10misc: remove trailing slash from directory links; prevents needless redirectsHEADmasterJordan
2023-12-31misc: return non-zero exit status if current relay set is up to dateJordan
2023-12-31fix: rm pkg_resources, deprecated; usage superfluousJordan
2023-07-16templates: bgp.he.net -> bgp.toolsJordan
2023-07-16templates: include AS name in header/title on AS pagesJordan
2023-02-05templates: update repository URL to reflect move away from githubJordan
2023-01-25templates: make them human-readable, housekeepingJordan
2022-12-17static: add middle only flag iconJordan
2022-09-13fix: transient absence of platform key/value; check before generationJordan
2022-09-13Revert "fix: onionoo might not return platform key/values"Jordan