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masterClarify exit-first, then front-to-back selectionNick Mathewson3 days
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysClarify exit-first, then front-to-back selectionHEADmasterNick Mathewson
3 daysDocument current circid selection behaviorNick Mathewson
2021-04-20fixup! Fold proposal 328 into dir-spec.txtGeorge Kadianakis
2021-04-19Fold proposal 328 into dir-spec.txtGeorge Kadianakis
2021-04-14Clarify part of proposal 325Nick Mathewson
2021-04-07Rename extrainfo and extra info to extra-infojuga0
2021-04-01Prop331: Merge Res tokens proposalGeorge Kadianakis
2021-03-26Tighten up some terms and phrasing.Mike Perry
2021-03-26Prop329: Note new comments on receive windows from Simone and TokeMike Perry
2021-03-26Fix dropmark citationMike Perry