cloudflare-scrapeA Python module to bypass Cloudflare's anti-bot pageAnorov14 months
dsvpnA dead simple VPNjedisct15 months
chihayaA flexible bittorrent tracker written in GolangChihaya Devs4 days
cgitA hyperfast web frontend for git repositories written in Czx2c45 months
opentrackerA low-resource, performant bittorrent trackerDirk Engling8 days
libowfatA reimplementation of libdjb under GPL used by opentrackerFefe3 months
libgen-phpArchive of the Library Genesis source code (2016-05-01)Library Genesis14 months
dnscrypt-proxyDNS proxy with support for encrypted DNS protocolsjedisct17 weeks
doi-to-filenameDerive readable filenames from research paper DOIsJordan8 months
yadgDjango-based music release scraping and renderingSlack0610 months
youtube-dlDownload media content from various online platformsytdl-org6 hours
resticEncrypted backups with Linux and *BSD supportRestic47 hours
twistedEvent-driven networking engine written in PythonTwisted7 months
wireguard-goGo implementation of WireGuardzx2c412 months
go-libp2p-coreInterfaces and abstractions which make up go-libp2pIPFS5 weeks
rokaListen to audiobooks with podcast appsJordan3 months
alpineManage e-mail from the command lineEduardo Chappa8 weeks
docutilsModular documentation processing libraryDavid Goodger10 months
torsocksNetwork wrapper to route application connections via TorThe Tor Project3 months
httpdOpenBSD httpdreyk15 months
glypePHP-based transparent browsing proxy (1.4.13)UpsideOut14 months
ipfs-goPeer-to-peer hypermedia protocolIPFS3 hours
lighttpdPerformant, standards-compliant webserverJan Kneschke5 months
dotfilesPersonal configuration files intended for unix-based systemsJordan4 months
werkzeugPython WSGI web application libraryPallets Project5 days
tentPython's http.server module but in GolangJordan3 months
grab-sitePython-based web crawler with dynamic ignore patternsArchiveTeam7 days
cpythonReference implementation of PythonPython13 days
socatRelay for bidirectional data transfer between channelsGerhard Rieger4 months
metrics-webRelay metrics and analyticsThe Tor Project5 months
wireguard-toolsRequired tools for WireGuard, such as wg(8) and wg-quick(8)zx2c412 months
craneResearch literature download and categorization web serviceJordan8 weeks
wireguard-rsRust implementation of WireGuardzx2c44 months
pouchSave pocketed articles to PDF from exported account dataJordan5 months
onionshareSecurely and anonymously send and receive filesmicahflee3 months
alliumStatically-generated relay metrics and statisticsJordan4 months
peervpnTAP-based mesh network VPNPeerVPN8 months
goThe Go programming languageGoogle43 hours
torspecTor's protocol specification documents and proposalsThe Tor Project3 days
onionooTrack the performance/diversity of the Tor networkThe Tor Project13 months
torTransit encryption and privacy out of the boxThe Tor Project3 days
ft-bypassTransparent proxy and paywall bypass for The Financial TimesJordan15 months
wpullWget-compatible web downloader and crawlerArchiveTeam14 months
wireguard-windowsWireGuard client for Windowszx2c43 months