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masterroka: _app_ctx_stack deprecated in Flask 2.3; use supported app_ctxJordan14 days
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14 daysroka: _app_ctx_stack deprecated in Flask 2.3; use supported app_ctxHEADmasterJordan
2022-09-09docs: readme housekeeping, clarificationJordan
2022-09-09docs: add wsgi-file to example configurationJordan
2022-08-29tinytag: update mutable mappings import; deprecated/removed in 3.10Jordan
2021-06-16Merge pull request #3 from dgarrett/static-generationJordan
2021-06-15Load config outside of main to keep uwsgi workingDylan Garrett
2021-06-13Add detail about copying audiobook filesDylan Garrett
2021-06-13Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into static-generationDylan Garrett
2021-06-13Move base_url to config. Add README info about config overrideDylan Garrett
2021-06-13Update README for static generationDylan Garrett