alacrittyA cross-plantform, OpenGL terminal emulatorAlacritty3 days
alliumStatically-generated tor relay metrics and statisticsJordan14 days
binMiscellaneous unsorted tools and utilitiesJordan3 weeks
cpythonReference implementation of the Python programming languagePython Software Foundation79 min.
craneResearch literature download and categorization web serviceJordan2 days
dotfilesPersonal configuration files intended for unix-based systemsJordan3 weeks
ft-bypassTransparent proxy and paywall bypass for The Financial TimesJordan24 months
goThe Go programming languageGoogle16 hours
httpdOpenBSD httpdreyk4 years
i3Performant tiling window manager for X11Michael Stapelberg5 weeks
keepDiscord self-bot which archives URLs on the Wayback MachineJordan2 days
onionshareSecurely and anonymously send and receive filesmicahflee5 hours
pouchSave pocketed articles to PDF from exported account dataJordan13 months
qutebrowserA keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5Florian Bruhin18 hours
rokaListen to audiobooks with podcast appsJordan7 months
springer-dlDownload Springer books released during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemicJordan18 months
tentPython's http.server module written in GolangJordan11 months
torTransit encryption and privacy out of the boxThe Tor Project4 weeks
torspecTor's protocol specification documents and proposalsThe Tor Project4 weeks
wireguard-goGo implementation of WireGuardzx2c49 hours
wwwMakefiles and assets for mandoc-generated sitesJordan3 weeks