alliumStatically-generated relay metrics and statisticsJordan27 hours
cgitA hyperfast web frontend for git repositories written in Czx2c43 days
cloudflare-scrapeA Python module to bypass Cloudflare's anti-bot pageAnorov7 months
dnscrypt-proxyDNS proxy with support for encrypted DNS protocolsjedisct14 days
docutilsModular documentation processing libraryDavid Goodger4 months
doi-to-filenameDerive readable filenames from research paper DOIsJordan4 weeks
dsvpnA dead simple VPNjedisct14 months
ft-bypassTransparent proxy and paywall bypass for The Financial TimesJordan8 months
glypePHP-based transparent browsing proxy (1.4.13)UpsideOut8 months
go-libp2p-coreInterfaces and abstractions which make up go-libp2pIPFS5 weeks
grab-sitePython-based web crawler with dynamic ignore patternsArchiveTeam3 months
httpdOpenBSD httpdreyk8 months
ipfs-goPeer-to-peer hypermedia protocolIPFS9 days
libgen-phpArchive of the Library Genesis source code (2016-05-01)Library Genesis8 months
lighttpdPerformant, standards-compliant webserverJan Kneschke6 months
metrics-webRelay metrics and analyticsThe Tor Project5 weeks
onionooTrack the performance/diversity of the Tor networkThe Tor Project6 months
onionshareSecurely and anonymously send and receive filesmicahflee8 months
peervpnTAP-based mesh network VPNPeerVPN7 weeks
podcast-dlMinimal no-dependency podcast downloaderJordan8 weeks
resticEncrypted backups with Linux and *BSD supportRestic11 hours
rokaListen to audiobooks with podcast appsJordan4 weeks
socatRelay for bidirectional data transfer between independent channelsGerhard Rieger4 weeks
torTransit encryption and privacy out of the boxThe Tor Project40 hours
torsocksNetwork wrapper to route application connections via TorThe Tor Project8 months
torspecTor's protocol specification documents and proposalsThe Tor Project6 days
tw-saveyt-dl wrapper to support twitch channel archivesJordan2 months
twistedEvent-driven networking engine written in PythonTwisted2 weeks
werkzeugPython WSGI web application libraryThe Pallets Projects4 days
wireguard-goGo implementation of WireGuardzx2c46 months
wireguard-rsRust implementation of WireGuardzx2c42 weeks
wireguard-toolsRequired tools for WireGuard, such as wg(8) and wg-quick(8)zx2c46 months
wireguard-windowsWireGuard client for Windowszx2c434 hours
wpullWget-compatible web downloader and crawlerArchiveTeam7 months
yadgDjango-based music release scraping and renderingSlack064 months
youtube-dlDownload media content from various online platformsytdl-org41 hours