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mainmisc: go get -u; go mod tidy; go mod vendorJordan7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2023-12-16misc: go get -u; go mod tidy; go mod vendorHEADmainJordan
2023-12-16db: limit shared cache connections to one; see mattn/go-sqlite3 #209Jordan
2023-10-17keep: remove parenthesis from set of trimmed punctuating marksJordan
2023-08-18misc: go get -u; go mod tidy; go mod vendorJordan
2023-08-18db: rm subqueries, optimizeJordan
2023-01-22keep: further expand set of removed punctuating marks; ()!?Jordan
2022-12-05keep: include commas in the set of removed punctuating marksJordan
2022-12-05keep: rm marks more likely to be punctuating than valid URL componentsJordan
2022-12-01keep: ensure URLs have IA-supported schemes typesJordan
2022-11-25archive: close isArchived() response body; prevent orphaned fdJordan