BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
stableMerge branch 'develop' into stableMicah Lee5 hours
release-2.5Make snapcraft workMicah Lee6 hours
developMake snapcraft workMicah Lee6 hours
release-2.4.1Update copyright year to 2022Micah Lee26 hours
cx_freeze-packagingCodesign .dylib files too, and properly delete unused PySide2 filesMicah Lee29 hours
censorshipMerge pull request #1492 from SaptakS/autoconnect-darkMicah Lee4 weeks
1422_autodetect_locationSlightly tweak wordingMicah Lee4 weeks
1470_tempfilesAdd temp file to cleanup list just once when its first createdMicah Lee7 weeks
docs-2.4.1Rebuild docsMicah Lee8 weeks
1459_linux_packagingDon't try adding a folder if the user clicks cancel, and add additional loggingMicah Lee2 months
v2.5onionshare-2.5.tar.gz  onionshare-2.5.zip  Micah Lee5 hours
v2.4onionshare-2.4.tar.gz  onionshare-2.4.zip  Micah Lee4 months
v2.4.dev1onionshare-2.4.dev1.tar.gz  onionshare-2.4.dev1.zip  Micah Lee4 months
v2.3.3onionshare-2.3.3.tar.gz  onionshare-2.3.3.zip  Micah Lee5 months
v2.3.2onionshare-2.3.2.tar.gz  onionshare-2.3.2.zip  Micah Lee8 months
v2.3.2.dev1onionshare-2.3.2.dev1.tar.gz  onionshare-2.3.2.dev1.zip  Micah Lee8 months
v2.3.1onionshare-2.3.1.tar.gz  onionshare-2.3.1.zip  Micah Lee11 months
v2.3onionshare-2.3.tar.gz  onionshare-2.3.zip  Micah Lee11 months
v2.3.dev2onionshare-2.3.dev2.tar.gz  onionshare-2.3.dev2.zip  Micah Lee14 months
v2.3.dev1onionshare-2.3.dev1.tar.gz  onionshare-2.3.dev1.zip  Micah Lee16 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 hoursMake snapcraft workHEADv2.5release-2.5developMicah Lee
7 hoursUpdate desktop poetry deps, and reduce python min version to 3.6 for snapcraftMicah Lee
7 hoursUpdate onionshare_cli poetry deps, and fix testsMicah Lee
8 hoursUpdate release docs, and fix screenshot link in appdataMicah Lee
8 hoursAdd pen test reportMicah Lee
8 hoursUpdate final locales for 2.5Micah Lee
9 hoursMerge branch 'develop' of https://hosted.weblate.org/git/onionshare/translati...Micah Lee
9 hoursUpdate changelogMicah Lee
9 hoursMerge branch 'ros-fixes' into release-2.5Micah Lee
9 hoursActually bump version to 2.5Micah Lee