AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2 daysprop275: Merged in 048 nowHEADmainDavid Goulet
9 daysprop339: Rename relay command and minor fixesDavid Goulet
13 daysattic: Move onion service v2 spec to atticDavid Goulet
13 daystor-spec: Add relay command values of flow control cellsDavid Goulet
2022-05-04tor-spec: Add FlowCtrl=2 for congestion controlDavid Goulet
2022-05-04tor-spec: Add Relay=4, ntorv3 handshake supportDavid Goulet
2022-05-04prop339: Fix couple typosDavid Goulet
2022-05-04Draft proposal for UDP over Tor.Nick Mathewson
2022-04-29Update the status of several proposalsNick Mathewson
2022-04-26fix typo in ADD_ONION V3Key definition (ed25519 -> x25519)Richard Pospesel
2022-04-22prop328: Update proposal to reflect implementationDavid Goulet
2022-03-24Merge remote-tracking branch 'nickm/prop275'Alexander Færøy
2022-03-16DNS timeouts are not causing overload anymoreGeorg Koppen
2022-03-16param: Changes from nickm's suggestionDavid Goulet
2022-03-15param: Exit DNS parameters from tor#40312David Goulet
2022-03-15param: Merge duplicate sectionsDavid Goulet
2022-03-15Merge branch 'tor-gitlab/mr/65'David Goulet
2022-03-15param: Add overload onionskin ntor parametersDavid Goulet
2022-03-14Merge branch 'tor-gitlab/mr/66'David Goulet
2022-03-14Merge branch 'tor-gitlab/mr/64'David Goulet
2022-03-14Add XON/XOFF status fields to STREAM event.Mike Perry
2022-03-14Add congestion control fields to CIRC_BWMike Perry
2022-03-14Proposal 338: Use an 8-byte timestamp in NETINFO cellsNick Mathewson
2022-02-28Remove comma from STATUS format specification.David Fifield
2022-02-24Merge remote-tracking branch 'tor-gitlab/mr/60'Nick Mathewson
2022-02-22Prop 324: Updates for Negotiation and Simulation TestingMike Perry
2022-02-17Be explicit about EXT_FIELD_LEN=0Nick Mathewson
2022-02-17ntor3, rend3: clarify extension field defaults.Nick Mathewson
2022-01-19Merge branch 'tor-gitlab/mr/56'David Goulet
2022-01-19dir-spec: Add missing versions for HSv3 linesDavid Goulet
2021-12-22gitlab-ci: default branch is now mainHans-Christoph Steiner
2021-12-14Merge branch 'tor-gitlab/mr/55'David Goulet
2021-12-13params: Deprecate DNS overload parametersDavid Goulet
2021-12-09Merge branch 'tor-gitlab/mr/53'David Goulet
2021-12-08Clarify how we derive ed25519 for cross-certification.Nick Mathewson
2021-12-08Clarify the behavior of some circuit timeout params.Nick Mathewson
2021-12-08Fold prop 335-middle-only-redux.md into the specs.Nick Mathewson
2021-11-22Update status for the two middle-only proposals.Nick Mathewson
2021-11-22Update proposal 321 based on discussions from @armaNick Mathewson
2021-11-22Mark proposal 315 as implemented in Mathewson
2021-11-22Update proposal index based on recent reclassification.Nick Mathewson
2021-11-22Mark proposal 273 (exit pinning) as Reserve.Nick Mathewson
2021-11-22Mark proposal 160 as closed.Nick Mathewson
2021-11-22Mark 232 (TOR_PT_PROXY) as Closed.Nick Mathewson
2021-11-22Mark proposal 310 (guard bandaid) as Closed.Nick Mathewson
2021-11-22Mark proposal 282 as "accepted", not "finished".Nick Mathewson
2021-11-22Mark proposal 301 as "open", not "finished".Nick Mathewson
2021-11-22Mark proposal 332-ntor-v3 as acceptedNick Mathewson
2021-11-22Move proposal 288 (privcount-shamir) to reserve.Nick Mathewson
2021-11-22Fold 314 (markdown) into 001 (process).Nick Mathewson