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2021-06-09Cleanup config and allow passing as json on terminalDylan Garrett
2021-06-07Fix sortDylan Garrett
2021-06-06Allow base_url with no app.cfgDylan Garrett
2021-06-06Allow setting scan dir from terminalDylan Garrett
2021-06-06Some hacks. But generates some static rss feedsDylan Garrett
2021-01-22lower() extension before support checkJordan
2020-12-05use os.scandir() over os.walk(), better performanceJordan
2020-09-23update name to roka, support --scan, cleanupJordan
2020-09-01satisfy RFC822 (XML pubDate)Jordan
2020-06-16rm prettify, correct quote/apos escapeJordan
2020-06-10housekeeping, reorganizationJordan
2020-04-05initial commitJordan