AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-06-16Merge pull request #3 from dgarrett/static-generationHEADmasterJordan
Static generation
2021-06-15Load config outside of main to keep uwsgi workingDylan Garrett
2021-06-13Add detail about copying audiobook filesDylan Garrett
2021-06-13Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into static-generationDylan Garrett
2021-06-13Move base_url to config. Add README info about config overrideDylan Garrett
2021-06-13Update README for static generationDylan Garrett
2021-06-09Merge pull request #2 from dgarrett/show-author-optional-filenameJordan
Include Author on index page, and make file path optional
2021-06-09Always load one or the other configDylan Garrett
2021-06-09Move to real render_templateDylan Garrett
2021-06-09Cleanup config and allow passing as json on terminalDylan Garrett
2021-06-09Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into static-generationDylan Garrett
2021-06-09Demonstrate SHOW_PATH in app.cfg.exampleDylan Garrett
2021-06-09Make showing path optionalDylan Garrett
2021-06-09Don't need to escape authorDylan Garrett
2021-06-07Merge pull request #1 from dgarrett/fix-sortJordan
Fix track sort
2021-06-07Fix sortDylan Garrett
2021-06-07Put the Author instead of the filename in the indexDylan Garrett
2021-06-07Fix sortDylan Garrett
2021-06-06Allow base_url with no app.cfgDylan Garrett
2021-06-06Ignore static dirDylan Garrett
2021-06-06Fix stringDylan Garrett
2021-06-06Allow setting scan dir from terminalDylan Garrett
2021-06-06Takes base URL and static location from argsDylan Garrett
2021-06-06Copy files to expected pathDylan Garrett
2021-06-06Some hacks. But generates some static rss feedsDylan Garrett
2021-01-22lower() extension before support checkJordan
2020-12-05use os.scandir() over os.walk(), better performanceJordan
2020-09-23update name to roka, support --scan, cleanupJordan
2020-09-01satisfy RFC822 (XML pubDate)Jordan
2020-08-15hash/process tracks in order; sorted os.listdir()Jordan
2020-07-15rebuild.py comments/correctionsJordan
2020-07-11classify rebuild.py, optimize logicJordan
2020-07-09trim READMEJordan
2020-06-22generalize extension, MP3 -> trackJordan
2020-06-17revert to non-bootstrap CSS, i miss itJordan
2020-06-16rm prettify, correct quote/apos escapeJordan
2020-06-10housekeeping, reorganizationJordan
2020-06-10container-fluid -> containerJordan
2020-06-10rm duplicate containerJordan
2020-06-10rm path from index table, table formatJordan
2020-06-09use bootstrap, send_static()Jordan
2020-05-28cleanup, reload cache between requests (TODO: use getmtime())Jordan
2020-05-12fix: use parsed cache rather than its path w/ get_books() callJordan
2020-05-12CACHE_PATH -> JSON_PATH, book k/v assignment fixJordan