AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-04use natural sort of files in RSS resp if 'ignore_tracknum' in book pathJordan
2020-05-04read existing cache, use to determine which content should be hashedJordan
2020-04-20fallback sort by filename rather than title tagJordan
2020-04-19remove XML-invalid unicode chars, escape book titleJordan
2020-04-16use natural sort (remove leading zeros) if no track numJordan
2020-04-15move duration check before hash routineJordan
2020-04-13preserve -> preservingJordan
2020-04-12use flask's send_file() conditional instead of our HTTP 206 partial handlerJordan
2020-04-10increase uwsgi limits in example, venv location-agnosticJordan
2020-04-06podcast app screenshot linkJordan
2020-04-06ensure XML-safety of attribute valuesJordan
2020-04-06revert 759800beJordan
2020-04-05prettify XML responseJordan
2020-04-05sort listing by title, demo linkJordan
2020-04-05trailing periodJordan
2020-04-05ensure HTML-safety of attributes; only-whitespace values treated as unpopulatedJordan
2020-04-05readme format (spacing)Jordan
2020-04-05initial commitJordan