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Update proposal 321 based on discussions from @arma
See tor#40134
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@@ -62,8 +62,10 @@ We add a new entry to microdescriptors: `family-keys`.
This line contains one or more space-separated strings describing
families to which the node belongs. These strings MUST be sorted in
-lexicographic order. Clients MUST NOT depend on any particular property
-of these strings.
+lexicographic order. These strings MAY be base64-formated nonpadded
+ed25519 family keys, or may represent some future encoding.
+Clients SHOULD accept unrecognized key formats.
## Changes to voting algorithm
@@ -125,7 +127,9 @@ family if ANY of these is true:
in its family line, and B's descriptor lists A in its family line.
* Client A has descriptors for A and B, and they both contain the
- same entry in their family-keys or family-cert.
+ same entry in their family-keys or family-cert. (Note that a
+ family-cert key may match a base64-encoded entry in the family-keys
+ entry.)
## Migration