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masterVersion Rieger4 months
tag-  socat-tag-  Gerhard Rieger4 months
tag-  socat-tag-  Gerhard Rieger4 months
tag-  socat-tag-  Gerhard Rieger16 months
tag-  socat-tag-  Gerhard Rieger2 years
tag-  socat-tag-  Gerhard Rieger4 years
tag-2.0.0-b9socat-tag-2.0.0-b9.tar.gz  socat-tag-2.0.0-b9.zip  Gerhard Rieger5 years
tag-  socat-tag-  Gerhard Rieger5 years
tag-  socat-tag-  Gerhard Rieger6 years
tag-  socat-tag-  Gerhard Rieger7 years
tag-2.0.0-b6socat-tag-2.0.0-b6.tar.gz  socat-tag-2.0.0-b6.zip  Gerhard Rieger8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-01-10Version Rieger
2021-01-10OpenSSL file transfer failedGerhard Rieger
2021-01-10Fixed compilation failure on 32bit FreeBSD and other due to int64_t being lon...Gerhard Rieger
2021-01-03Version Rieger
2021-01-03More corrections to recent changes and from systematic testsGerhard Rieger
2021-01-03With OPENSSL_API_COMPAT=0x10000000L the files openssl/dh.h, openssl/bn.h must...Gerhard Rieger
2021-01-03Added printf formats for uint16_t etcGerhard Rieger
2021-01-01Some test.sh correctionsGerhard Rieger
2021-01-01Preferred backend for TUN is UDP, not TCPGerhard Rieger
2021-01-01Address UDP-RECV does not support option forkGerhard Rieger